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The vineyard


Throughout the world, the word Bordeaux is associated with wine. Since the 12th century, its wines have been exported and this reputation has never wavered. Many other regions and countries produce qualitative wines, often from Bordeaux’s historical grape varieties, but Bordeaux remains the undisputed benchmark.


Thanks to its history, the quality of the terroirs, the volumes produced (750 million bottles on average each year), the talents of its winegrowers, Bordeaux wine is a “modern classic”, which has been able to renew itself, invest and remain at the forefront of innovation. There is no general classification of all the wines, nevertheless some parts of the vineyard benefit from classifications that reward both the quality of the terroir and the wines produced: the classification of 1855, the classification of Graves/Pessac Léognan, the classification of Saint-Emilion and the classification of the Crus Bourgeois du Médoc, which will be renewed in 2020.


The production is diversified, and this vast range is a pleasure for the amateurs, because there is a Bordeaux for all occasions and all the markets. This diversity is reflected in the property transactions. If the sale of certain prestigious chateaus makes headlines in the newspapers, with high valuations, a buyer will still be able to find in Bordeaux charming estates that are very affordable and produce delicious wines.


The dynamism of the city of Bordeaux, now 2 hours from Paris by high-speed train, the beauty of the buildings, the landscapes and the environment, the worldwide growth of wine consumption, further reinforce the relevance of an investment in the region. There are various motivations: asset diversification, supply of markets, or pleasure property.

Bordeaux is a town in the southwest of France, a harbour located on the Garonne river, but above all, a city in the heart of the wine-growing region.
The city remains at human scale and with a mild climate, and combines economic vitality with Great lifestyle, a fabulous food and wine scene, as well as exceptional Heritage and Culture.
The Bordeaux vineyard has marked the history of the city of Bordeaux and has made a significant contribution to its economic development.
Indeed, Bordeaux is an excellent starting point to discover the vineyards, castles and surrounding wine villages. From the Médoc to Sauternes, from Saint-Émilion to the Graves vineyards, along the rivers and the Entre-deux-Mers, the choice is vast and the themes varied.
Vineyards as far as the eye can see, an extraordinary wine route, gourmet restaurants, wine bars where you can taste exceptional wines, charming pedestrian streets and pretty squares filled with small bars, here is everything you can find during a stay in the Bordeaux Region.
Bordeaux attracts. Talents, entrepreneurs, students and tourists are choosing the Bordeaux metropolian area in eer-growing numbers. The city is regurlarly ranked as one of the most attractive places in Europe.
Since 2017, the new Bordeaux-Paris High-Speed Rail Line connects both cities in two hours and makes Bordeaux even more accessible and connected.
Bordeaux creates value. Alongside its population boom, Bordeaux Métropole has an incredible economic dynamism : job creation has accelerated significantly in recent years and the city has seen the creation of more new start-ups companies than any other French metropolitan area outside of Paris.
Bordeaux is the land of entrepreneurship. Today Bordeaux Métropole is home to a thriving community of innovative entrepreneurs and business talents. Bordeaux provides the ideal conditions for them to pursue their professional and personal fulfilment.

119,000 hectares

6000 wineries

750 million bottles on average every year

86% red wines


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